Solutions by IOTENA

IOTENA provides different solutions to make life better. Each solution can be offered independently, or, they can also work together to become a total solution.


Please feel free to contact us for more information since the solutions could be more powerful after a better understanding.


inHealth is a comprehensive Intelligent Health Enhancement ecosystem which improves the indoor environment quality, using humanized circadian lighting system, indoor air quality system and apparent temperature adaptation system.


KALAR is a professional LED architectural lighting brand and has closely worked with architects, lighting designers, electrical contractors, lighting contractors and interior designers around the world for over than10years.

Digital Lumens

Digital Lumens, our partner, is driving the industrial IoT revolution through its cloud-based IIoT platform.


inCity is a smart road lighting management system including hardware and software. With its powerful gateway, inCity can connect many other devices together and then reach a comprehensive smart city network.

ENCELIUM, our partner, is a light management system using a wireless mesh network based on the ZigBee standard and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) for entire building lighting control.