Intelligent Health Enhancement Eco-system

Since indoor environment quality is affecting human health a lot and the current solutions on market is lack of completeness and is not human-centric, IOTENA develops a brand-new, comprehensive, and human-centric intelligent health enhancement eco-system (named inHealth) to improve human health by inhancing indoor environment quality.


inHealth system is an IoT platform with humanized circadian lighting system, indoor air quality system, and apparent temperature adaption system to solve the existing problems of light, air, and thermal comfort in an efficient & effective way.


inHealth Platform


A gateway will support wireless communications with the wireless modules in Mesh. Support wired communication such as RS485 for communicating with other RS485 based devices. The gateway shall have internal memory for data buffer.

This is the platform to collect all kind of indoor environment quality (IEQ) real-time data input with wide range of sensors (e.g. PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, humidity and human-body surfaces' temperature) and big data (e.g. local weather data and PM2.5 data). With the collected data, the platform is developed to orchestrate the control of humanised circadian lighting, air purifier and air-conditioning so as to provide the best mixture of control sequences.


Humanized Circadian Lighting


90% of our lives is spent indoor. Indoor lighting is not sufficient comparing to sunlight,and it may disrupt the circadian rhythm of human body. Visual comfort is also very important to avoid Myopia.


inHealth provides a system adjusting the lighting brightness and spectrum for indoor user according to human circadian rhythm, sunlight, time, coordinates and working preference. With this system, people can increase alertness in the morning; adjust jet lag; improve mood; reduce hyperactivity; reduce errors and accidents; accelerate cognitive processing; improve sleeping quality, etc.

Indoor Air Quality


Urbanities spend in an excess of 90% of their lives indoors. The US Environmental Protection Agency reported that there are up to 2-5 x more pollutants indoor than outdoor. More pollutants could help to carry more bacteria and virus. A single stand-alone air purifying machine is not useful/efficient enough.

We will use air purifying which is operating automatically for keeping indoor air always clean and health and minimize the operation cost at the same time. A revolutionary combination of the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration, our air purifier replacement filters use HEPASilent technology (powered by Blueair) to remove 99.97% of harmful particles from the air, down to 0.1 micron in size.

The system will be monitoring and recording the indoor quality status continuously and send alert automatically if there is any abnormal status change.


Further development:

Apparent Temperature Adaption


Thermal comfort is playing an important role at the comfort of indoor environment. The room temperature reading is not the same as our body apparent temperature feeling. Most of the current air conditioning systems are not accurate enough, and the humidity, outside temperature, people density, heat sources and air flow condition are not considered either.


Balanced humidity & temperature to keep people comfortable. Easy breathing, better sleep, elimination of allergens, reduced odors, reduced energy costs and avoid the appearance of mold and mildew.


To develop a comprehensive Commercial type Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) controller which allows to control most of the centralized HVAC, Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) unit and Fan Control Unit (FCU) in order to controling the indoor temperature set-point and air flow rate. Thermopile sensor will be developed to detect human body surface temperature in order to providing much accurate human perceived temperature for more humanized thermal comfort.

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