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Intelligent Health-Tech

In this direction, IOTENA is focusing on advanced technology development which is related to human health and indoor environmental quality (IEQ), such as internet of things, artificial intelligent, circadian rhythm, air/water purifying, and computational fluid dynamics.

Healthy Life 內容

When we develop the systems and products, we will also follow the WELL Building Standards as there are valuable concepts for IEQ and human health/wellness

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Based on the concepts of health and wellness, our first system named inHealth is developed. inHealth is an intelligent IoT system specially designed for indoor human health. By its advanced technology, smart algorithm, and great user experience, inHealth is now connecting more and more hardware and software to manage the indoor environment quality (IEQ) and then to improve human health. Light, air, temperature, water and other factors will be incorporated gradually into the system.


Please visit the inHealth page for more information

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